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Challenging indoor cycling and goal-focused workouts
help you crush your biggest competitor — you…


At Turn & Burn, our motto is “Fitness, Fun, Friends” because we are in it TOGETHER, creating a community of support, encouragement and FUN while getting our sweat on and burning some calories. Our instructors are committed to creating a top-notch experience for YOU to achieve your personal goals for well-being and health.
Each class is designed to be a fun, full-body workout set to inspiring music allowing you to focus on YOU for the short time we are together.


Barre is a workout suited for everyone. It utilizes a small range of motion with lots of repetitions in order to lengthen …


This full body workout will test your mind and body. You never know what FUN you will encounter!


A 45-minute group indoor cycling event where you control the intensity…


Appropriate for all levels and a great complement to sore and tired muscles!


A 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout on the bike to achieve fast…


A 50-minute class designed by a certified instructor to get your heartrate up and the sweat flowing…


If you are looking to energize your body and mind with breath and movement, this is the class for you!


Our cycle studio uses Stages Flight technology which allows you to track your heart rate, calories burned, and true power. Your statistics can be displayed on the studio screen and/or sent to you privately via email or text. This allows you to measure your own progress during the Turn & Burn journey.


I love the variety in workouts everyday! You don’t find yourself doing the same thing! The trainers are amazing! It’s worth the money and time! Glad I joined!!

Jessie K
I have been going to Turn & Burn for about 2 months now and I love it! The people are so nice, all of them! The staff, instructors, owner, fellow members, challengers, everyone. Class times work well for me and it is really conveniently located at exit 4/ Berwick Town Center. Come check it out if you are interested! it’s a very clean studio and supportive environment to challenge and grow your mental and physical strength!

Angie R.
Absolutely love this place and there is nothing like it ! From the first day I walked in Wendy welcomed me and made me feel at home and that I could do anything! Every instructor cares about you whether you’re in boot camp, spin, barre, or yoga class. The people are so encouraging and make the classes enjoyable to be in. I love that there is all levels of fitness and ages. It’s such a great environment I even got my 62 year old mother (who had never worked out) to start going. I am so thrilled with my decision to join turn & burn back in May!

Cheyanne G.
I joined the 6 week challenge to try to loose weight and build better eating habits. Over time I’ve gotten stronger and was able to build a lot of confidence. I use to avoid going to boot camp because it terrified me, but now I love to go and it became one of my favorite classes. Joining the 6 week challenge has been a great decision and it truly shows results. I’ve lost almost 18 lbs, gained better eating habits, built confidence and the journey isn’t over yet. The 6 weeks is over but I’ll continue to do everything I’ve learned!

Ish K.



Are you ready to reduce stress, fall asleep easier, gain clearer focus, and/or find a little calm in your day? IF so, this special class series is for you. We’ll explore a variety of mediation practices that can be woven into your daily busy life. We’ll cover some of the science behind these powerful wellness practices along with simple guided practices.
Classes will be led by Sara Cain-da Costa. Sara’s bio can be found at
Every body is welcomed. Feel free to bring a cushion, pillow, yoga mat, or blanket to lie down on for this session.
Sunday, October 20th: Overview of Meditation: Postures for mediation, and practice several techniques including Mantra and a guided Visualization.
Sunday, November 3rd: Breathing Space:  The breath can be a powerful ally and meditation tool to anchor into the present moment, find the calm, focus attention or even energize. We’ll learn about our own breathing patterns and practice several mindful breathing techniques to calm and to energize.
Sunday, December 1st: Yoga Nidra (Body Scan Relaxation):  Simply translated Yoga Nidra means Yoga Sleep. Start the busiest time of year with a little time to yourself. This is THE ultimate guided body scan mediation designed for deep relaxation, stress relief, and harmonizing the entire body from head to toe.
$12 members, $20 non-members OR
for the series, $30 members, $50 non-members

2nd Annual Turkey Trot 5K

Thanksgiving Day, 11/28, 9am

Join us for our 2nd Annual Turkey Trot around the Berewick area. There’s no better way to start off a day of feasting and giving thanks!

Race is untimed and child/pet-friendly.

Early Bird registration ends Friday, November 1st.
Long sleeve race shirt included with registration.
$25 adult, $10 children. Price increases $5 per person after 11/1.

Proceeds to benefit local nonprofit animal rescue organization, Catering to Cats & Dogs.

Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities available as well. Please contact us for details or with questions.

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